The Power in Music

Dear Roxstars,


Hello! Me again… This week was so much fun! We mainly spent our time in the recording studio – recording the next 2 songs that will be coming out soon!! It’s so exhilarating to finally be getting to hear my songs – that started with a mere thought in my mind – come to life! I want to share a story with you about my songwriting, and how it came to where I am today….

So, I first started writing songs when I was around 4 – but let’s be honest, those songs like, “My Mommy Went To South Africa” and “Fairies in the Trees”, are hardly album worthy… My first real turning point with my songwriting was when I was about 8 or 9, when I realized that songwriting could actually be a way to express my most complex of emotions. On a trip to LA back then (I was born and raised in Boulder, CO until about age 10) I saw a homeless person on the street, with her whole life in a shopping cart, and a sign saying, “Please Help Me, I’m homeless.”. I asked my mom if we could bring her home, and help her. Now, I had seen tragedy before and at that point had already traveled around a lot of the world with my parents, but somehow this was my first time registering the fact that there were people without a home, and those without love or someone to turn to for help. We watched as countless people passed her up without even glancing for more than a moment, meanwhile, she was pleading for help. I practically begged my mom to let us take her with us, for we had a home, we had clean clothes, we had food – so why not share those luxuries with someone in need? When my mom tried to explain to me why we couldn’t, I felt filled with knots and wanted more than anything to help. We gave her as much as we could, and then we left, with me in absolute tears.

I was distraught, confused, filled with questions about our human nature, and quite frankly – angry with the world.

When we got back to our hotel room, I could hardly think straight, and all I could talk about was this woman we had seen. I kept asking, “Why?”, and even now, I still come across that thought. Why can’t we help every person in need? Why is our world filled with people only out for themselves? But now a question that comes to mind is, “How can I change this?”.

I decided to put my complicated thoughts into an outlet – a song. It was called, “Love in Our Hearts” and it somehow encapsulated the exact feeling that I was trying to express, even though I couldn’t find the words. I realized that songwriting could be a tool used for good, and it could potentially make change in the world.

Soon after writing that song, I was chosen as one of the Colorado Best Of The Best Young Artists, and they asked me to perform at their Benefit concert, raising money for the charity Cherish Our Children International which benefited the Bridge for Peace program in Israel. For the benefit, they asked the children performing to help raise money for the charity, so of course, it became my absolute mission in life to raise as much money as humanly possible. I raised over $2,000, (which as a 9 year old, was a nearly insurmountable amount of money) and I ended up raising the most money, helping over 60 children for a year! We were then asked if they could use my song, “Love in Our Hearts”, as the theme song for their charity, Cherish Our Children International!

It soon occurred to me that my experience in LA, and my song that I wrote simply to help myself cope with what I was feeling, had expanded into helping others and therefore made a difference in the world. Not a lot of people have the opportunity to see this, and I thank my lucky stars that I did – for I saw the Power in Music.

Love, Olivia