NAMM – The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Dear Roxstars,


What a week!! So, if you’re a musician, you probably know what this weekend was – if not, lemme let you in on it… it’s a music convention called NAMM. 🙂

One of my favorite times of the year (besides Halloween of course) NAMM is filled with passionate people, exhibitors and SO. MUCH. GEAR. It’s literally a musician’s dream. You walk the floor of the convention center, running into friends, colleagues and your idols, all the while testing out and drooling over the cool new instruments and gear that just came out. This year, we had a group of 8 all walking around together, which I loved because that meant I got to hang out with my friends and super cool people the whole time!

I’ll tell you my highlights from the weekend (we were running around so much and had so many meetings that it’s too hard to tell you about all of them!)…

On Thursday, which is the first day of NAMM, we met up with some of our friends from China, South Korea and Taiwan, whom we met while on tour there, then my parents and I split off from our big group and we went to my rehearsal for a performance the next day. I met the band Rock Sugar for the first time, whom I would be playing with the next day! They’re awesome – and shout out to you gals if you’re reading this! We ended up getting to bed at about 2am after a super long day!

Then on Friday, I performed at the She Rocks Awards, where I paid tribute to Pat Benatar, singing her song, “Invincible”. (I have to toot my own horn for a second here, which I won’t normally do – BUT – I’ve been working so hard for so many years to increase my vocal range to hit higher notes, and for the longest time I could only hit a High G full voice – then about a year or two ago, I was able to increase it to a High A full voice (Which I was secretly impressed with myself about…). But Friday night, I hit a HIGH B FULL VOICE!!!!!!! Ok, now I’m done) Pat is such an inspiration and I was so grateful to have the honor to perform her song at an award ceremony celebrating her career in music! Unfortunately, Pat was unable to come to the award show because she came down with the flu. I’ve actually come close to performing with her / opening for her / meeting her on several occasions but at the last minute each scenario fell through – but one of these days I’m sure it’ll happen and they’ll be so much magnetic force that the universe will implode!! 😉

Then, making up for Pat not being there, I had the privilege of singing with the INCREDIBLE Melissa Etheridge and The B52’s!!! No pressure… 🙂

The B52’s were so supportive and sweet, and Melissa beelined over to hug me and tell me that I was amazing and that I was doing something right! Meanwhile, I’m like – uh – YOU’RE amazing!!!!

Then on Saturday, back at NAMM, we met with a bunch of companies discussing my new guitar line…. (SAY WHAT?!?!?) – more on that later! Then, I actually got given a beautiful pinkish/purple ukulele!!! So that was awesome! And I also bought a new guitar and case 😀

All in all it was a very successful weekend, and it’s funny because normally I’d be at NAMM from the second it opened until they turned the lights off on us, but this year I was so busy with everything else that I was only at NAMM for about 4 hours total!!! I met so many great people this week and now I’m ready to decompress and take a day off – but we still have one more day left… Right now, we’re all piled into an RV, driving back to our house for an after party we’re throwing tomorrow! It’s gonna be awesome!


Love, Olivia