Rox Watch – Top 10 Shows on Netflix to Binge

Dear Roxstars,


Ok, so as you may know – I’m a bit of a sucker for a great TV show…. I LOVE getting immersed in a story, and feeling the characters own emotions as though they were my own. So – I wanted to put together a list of my Favorite Shows on Netflix that you can binge right now! Some are geared for a younger audience and some for M+, so I’ll be sure to let you know in a brief description what you should expect…


  1. Arrow

Arrow is one of my favorite comics brought to life – based on “The Green Arrow”, it is filled with a dramatic story line, a heavy heroes and villains theme and TBH makes me want to train on a salmon ladder! I named my dog after the main character Oliver Queen (the Green Arrow), because my pup has a perfect arrow marking on his chest! Such a great show, Oliver Queen returns after being capsized and pronounced dead for 5 years. I love discovering Oliver’s true motives behind why he has decided to ‘save his city’…


  1. The Flash

OMG do I love The Flash!! Another comic, Barry Allen is struck by lightning due to a particle accelerator explosion, and wakes up months later to find he has superspeed. I love shows that combine powers with technology, and take me out of this reality we know to challenge the brain into thinking – what if? The characters are extremely lovable and this is a very fun show to watch.

(Start with Arrow, then begin watching this show – based in the same universe, the shows collaborate often!)


  1. Cosmos

If you enjoy learning about the universe, this is the show for you. I’m a proud nerd, so yes – I spend my free time expanding my mind. Cosmos is wonderfully easy to understand and I always feel as though I’m watching a Doctor Who (which is another of my favorite series) episode, because some of the things that are being depicted, though real and proven by science, are so mind blowing that they edge on being straight out of a Sci Fi novel. I began watching this in the beginning of 10th grade just after it premiered, and it was the perfect study tool. An added bonus is that also makes my imagination run wild with possibilities!


  1.  The Crown

The Crown is a gorgeously depicted period piece, which follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II. As we watch the Royal family’s history play out through their trials and tribulations, I feel as though I’m living it as a fly on the wall to this great family. With the crown comes fame, fortune, galas and the great spectacles we see on TV, but this show also shines a light on the hard work, perseverance, loneliness and great responsibility that is placed on a Royal’s shoulders. Splendid casting – but I will definitely miss Claire Foy going into future seasons!!


  1. Merlin

Now, Merlin came out a while ago, and it is still one of my favs. I’m currently re-watching it for the 3rd time… Merlin is set in (you guessed it) Camelot – with Arthur, the knights of the round table, dragons and (my favorite part) Magic! It starts in the time before Arthur became King, and Merlin is burdened with the knowledge of his and Arthur’s destiny. He is to protect Prince Arthur in order for him to become the great king he is destined to be, and unite the kingdoms. Ahh I love this show. It’s great too because this is the perfect show for the whole family to enjoy – no M+ content; but instead a whimsical story filled with good VS. evil subplots and lovable characters.


  1. Stranger Things

Ooh!!!!! So when I first started Stranger Things, I wasn’t sure if it would live up to all of the reviews I’d read, but instead it ended up exceeding my expectations. It can be terrifying at times, causing me to watch more ‘because I had to see what happened!’ – so needless to say I finished Season 1 in about 2 days. Set in the 80’s, a young boy goes missing and the town sets out to find him – and instead they find a young girl who has just escaped from a lab nearby. We soon realize that she has powers, there is a whole other alternate reality called the Upside Down, and more is going on in this small town in Indiana than meets the eye. The main cast is centered around a very talented group of kids, teens, a mom and a cop – so the dynamics are ever changing and one age group is constantly adjusting their point of view to meet the other side of things. It’s definitely worth watching if you haven’t already.


  1. The OA

Suddenly a young blind woman named Prairie appears after 7 years of being missing, her sight miraculously returned. It’s a show of self discovery, life, death and a dramatic story that plays out in 2 timelines, each episode revealing a little more of what had happened to Prairie in those 7 years. Extremely intense and please don’t make the mistake of watching it right before you go to sleep, because you’ll stay up all night binging it!


  1. Sherlock

I’m sure you’ve heard of Sherlock, but I had to mention it anyway because it is truly amazing.

Sherlock Holmes is of course one of our most famous characters that has been played countless times, but it is brilliantly portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock. I like to have a clear mind before watching, and I can never watch it when I’m tired, because the writing is so sharp and intelligent that I don’t want to miss a sentence. We watch as Sherlock and Dr. Watson solve the world’s greatest mysteries, whilst dealing with Sherlock’s egocentric personality where knows he’s the smartest guy in the room. It also taught me about mind palaces, and it’s quite fun to make your own!


  1. Ozark

Ok – this one is intense. I have a friend who literally took off time at work so he could finish this because it’s so addictive! I actually don’t want to give you too much of a synopsis, because it had me on the edge of my seat… BUT – I’ll let you know a little bit of it… Jason Bateman stars and his character has been laundering money for the (2nd largest) Mexican Drug Cartel, when things go awry. A ridiculously real depiction, brilliantly acted and written, the show follows his family as they figure out how to deal with an angry cartel.


  1. Travelers

I’m currently watching Season 2 with my parents and W.O.W. is it great!!

Based in current day, Travelers from the future take over the minds of people about to die… which in itself is a genius concept, and it is perfectly executed. Sent back in time to complete missions and save the future, we fall in love with the characters and watch as they navigate their new lives that they must live in.


Honorable Mention: Chuck

Still my all time favorite show – but they took it off Netflix!!!!!!!!!!! Nooooooo!!!!!! Please go watch/buy and support it!!!!!!

Chuck Bartowski is a normal guy working at the Buy More in Burbank, when he suddenly gets an email from an old friend from college. What he didn’t expect was that the email would download government secrets into his brain. Chuck instantly becomes a target, and he is assigned two agents from both the CIA and NSA to safeguard him. They realize that Chuck can access these secrets and is able to use the information to stop tragedies and go on secret missions!! It’s so good!!! I won’t say more because you simply must watch it!!! Also – PLEASE bring it back for a movie, another season or SOMETHING!!!


What are your favorite shows to watch on Netflix? Tweet me @oliviarox or by using #roxwatch with your favs!! (I think I have to do another list because I had to leave out SO many shows!!)


Love, Olivia