Top 5 Amazon Techie Gifts For Teenagers

  1. Record Player

This record player by Victrola is the perfect addition to any teen’s room. It comes in over 20 different colors and patterns, and is a great way to open up a conversation or start new hobby. I recently purchased this for one of my friends, and personally this is one of my favorite gifts to give! With an added bluetooth feature, you can pair your smartphone and use the speakers to play your music on your phone too. It not only supports buying and listening to music, but also keeps vinyl alive!!

Price $59 (On sale rn for $55.51)



  1. Amazon Fire 7

I LOVE the Amazon Fire!!! If you’re looking for a tablet to binge Netflix on, surf the web, play games and more – this is the tablet for you. Coming in just under $50, you honestly can’t beat it. You can easily listen to music, read books, control your smart home and take photos/videos!! Coming in multiple colors, this cheap tablet is the perfect gift for any teen.

Price range $49.99 – $69.99 (with added storage)



  1. Vibe setter

There are a ton of options for things that set a vibe, but my favorite mood setter rn is a salt lamp. There are a bunch of benefits associated with salt lamps, such as eliminating free radicals and helping to remove toxins in the air, but TBH – sometimes they’re great because they just look really cool. I personally like this mini night light salt lamp, because it can fit on any wall socket and provides a beautiful glow in any room.

Price $9.89



  1. Poloroid camera

These are so much fun to give, and even better to see the results of! Indulging in teens never-ending quest to take the best photos for social media, Poloroids are not only fun to shoot, but make an Instagram feed unique in all the right ways. Coming in multiple colors, I like either the pink or blue…

Price $69 (but on sale rn for $55.61!!)



  1. Bluetooth Beanie

For the fashionable music lover, this bluetooth beanie hat is the perfect gift. Costing just under 10 dollars, this gives you a lot of bang for your buck. I received one of these as a gift not too long ago, and I absolutely love it!! It makes listening to music easy wherever you may be. What’s also great about this beanie is that both boys and girls love it – so it’s an easy gift to get for just about anyone!

Price $9.99


****Tip: if you don’t know what to get a teen – you can never go wrong with an Amazon gift card!


That’s all for now folks! What are some of your favorite gifts to give / receive?


Love, Olivia