Happy New Year ~ 2019!!!


WOW! I can’t even believe that another year has gone by. Time is moving sooo fast – but it has truly been a wonderful year! This year, I FINALLY released some of my own music! I managed to pass 1 million views on a video for the first time ever, passed 1 million followers on Facebook (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!) and received over 3.2 Million views on my YouTube channel!!! I recorded my first album (which comes out super soon, I promise), and had the opportunity to work with such exceptional musicians and artists whilst recording it! I even had the chance to work with Grammy award winners! Next, I filmed 3 cinematic quality music videos (which come out soon) with crews of 50+ people (We also had the chance to film at the beautiful Paramount Ranch for two of them….), and traveled to 7 different locations worldwide to film even more! Wowza! For the most part, I took the year off of performing live shows to finish my album, film, and prepare for all the things that you don’t know about yet, but the shows I did do were sold out and had the most incredible energy! I can’t wait to hit the road again though!! This year was very big for my family and our company too, as we had many successful events, including our sold-out event, the Cancun Jazz Festival! Now we are expanding to MANY MORE festivals next year!!!

I’d like to take this opportunity to mention something pretty cool… My AMAZING family and I are going on this journey together! We work together in the music industry, and all support each other through each of our passions. This year, My mom has been directing music videos, producing music, and running a record company – and my dad has been producing and running music festivals, Launching his instrument company in the USA and is also an artist himself! So, kudos to my Exceptional family for just being you! (Also – shout out to my Papa who turned 90 this year and is still rocking the world!)

Even though our year was mostly filled with positivity, there have been quite a few trying times as well. I had anaphylaxis after eating walnuts, which was terrifying, to say the least. In November, immediately following the Borderline shooting in our community (where 12 people, including a childhood friend of mine, passed away.) we were evacuated from our home and office as the Woolsey fire ripped through our community, devastating our surroundings, friends and neighbors homes. Unfortunately, many national landmarks also burned down, including the infamous Paramount Ranch, where we had the chance to work for a week filming my music videos. Somehow, in the fires, we were lucky enough to have been spared, and both our home and office survived. (It literally came 1 home away from us on 2 sides!)

So, It’s been a jam-packed, tiring, slightly stressful but extremely fulfilling year, and I’m so grateful for every experience I’ve had! Now I’m ready for the next chapter, and I’m eagerly awaiting what’s to come.

I believe that 2019 is a very powerful year for me, as it will be the year that my debut album is released, along with some HUGEEEEE surprises that I can’t wait to tell you all about!!!

Thank you for following me on my journey, and I truly hope that you all have a wonderful 2019!

Love, Olivia 💖