Love Your Pet Day!

Happy national #LoveYourPetDay Roxstars! In honor of today’s “holiday”, I wanted to talk about something incredibly close to my heart – animals! My family and I have three incredible dogs and a beautiful little birdy. I love fostering animals every chance I get, and those of you who know me, know that I can’t go a week without being near a horse (even though I don’t have one of my own – yet LOL). I’ve been so lucky to have the best, sweetest, smartest and (in my opinion) most adorable animals known to man – and they are such a huge part of my life everyday. That’s why I love getting to support incredible rescue organizations, such as The Little Angels Project, which is my favorite local animal rescue! Before I tell you all about them and their awesome mission to save animals, I have to boast about my adorable pets!

This is Oliver Queen (aka Ollie), the newest addition to our family! Yes, I’m a huge Arrow fan, and it just so happens that Oliver has a perfect white arrow on his chest! He is now an almost 2 year old chihuahua who we rescued from Paw Works last October. Oliver has such a gentle soul, but with a giant personality for a tiny dog, and he loves doing my warm ups with me everyday when I sing!

Roxy is my little baby girl who rules the house. LOL. She’s a chihuahua / rat terrier mix, who has the funniest habits, and always manages to get into trouble – she makes me laugh everyday bringing me my socks and kissing my face until I can’t breathe. My family and I came up with a name for her that encapsulates her crazy, sweet, cuddly, excited, playful and rambunctious personality – Schmenger. (So random – I know!) She is so athletic, and the terrier in her let’s her jump to crazy high heights, onto countertops and even into my arms! We actually found her in a stairwell when she was a little pup, abandoned and so scared, and now – I couldn’t imagine life without her!

And then there’s my sweet Lola. She’s our senior pup, (she just had a birthday a few days ago), and is 14 years old. At this point, she has her quirks of old age showing through – such as staring at walls and such, which makes me so sad, but she always amazes me how she runs around outside like a puppy. She is almost completely deaf now, but she loves to follow me around everywhere and get her neck massaged whenever I sit down. She’s also a bit of a movie star, as she was in a film in 2009 that had a scene in slow mo with her romping in a field of flowers… LOL. She’s such a sweetheart, and loves everyone and everything.

Last but not least, my beautiful bird, Bebe! She’s a green cheeked conure (a small breed of parrot), and has a perfect red heart on her chest. Her full name is Bebop, because on the first day I brought her home, I was playing some bebop jazz and she immediately took a liking to it and started squawking along! She absolutely loves music, and starts dancing whenever you sing to her. Before having a bird of my own, I had no idea that birds love cuddling! So now, every night before I put her to bed, I hold her and give her cuddles until she’s sleepy. She’s such a gem.

As you can probably tell, I absolutely love my animals, and I love getting the opportunity to support those who have dedicated their lives to helping animals in need. My friends at the The Little Angels Projects in Agoura Hills are doing some pretty amazing work to help animals of almost any species. They take animals who are sick, injured, or neglected – those that would almost certainly be put down at most shelters, and give them extensive medical care to rehabilitate them. Once the animals are healthy, they have the opportunity to find new, loving homes and be adopted. I’ve seen everything from cats & dogs to pigs & birds come through their doors and be healed of their injuries, thanks to the incredible team of veterinarians and volunteers who truly love animals.

To see more about the Little Angels Project and learn more about their mission, check out their website at!

So again, Happy Love Your Pet Day! If you have a pet, give them a snuggle – but if you don’t have a pet of your own – today is the perfect day to adopt one!! 😉

Love, Olivia