About Olivia Rox

Since Olivia was born, she has been flourishing in the music industry… Her Dad is the acclaimed international recording artist Warren Hill, and her Mom, producer/writer/director Tamara Van Cleef, used to sing alternative rock. Olivia’s parents even met in the recording studio after Warren was hired to play saxophone for Tamara’s CD, and they went on to produce records together for years to come.

When it comes to being naturally gifted, some say that it’s all in the genes. In the case of 21-year old Olivia Rox it may very well be true. Even though her life at a young age included touring the world with her parents, Olivia was naturally drawn to music and the entertainment business. It all began one day at the age of 2, while backstage at her Dad’s concert at the Chicago Theater, Olivia begged to join her Dad on stage to sing her favorite song, “Someday My Prince Will Come” from the movie Snow White. Without a hint of nerves, she walked on stage in front of thousands of people and sang it to perfection, receiving her first standing ovation. She was hooked!

At the young age of 3, Olivia was recognized as having perfect relative pitch. At 4, she wrote her first song. Now at 18, Olivia has composed hundreds of songs. They demonstrate not only melodic and harmonic structure far beyond her age, but maturity in the lyrics as well. She is an avid songwriter, and self dubbed, “Creator”. Not only is she a prolific songwriter, but she has also recently extended her writing talents into books and blogs.

Although she says she is still a kid at heart, Olivia is often referred to as an “old soul”, with a strong compassion for those that are less fortunate. Her song “Love in Our Hearts”, written at age 7, even became the theme song for the charity, “Cherish Our Children International”. Throughout her life, she has been conscious of the world around her, and is constantly emphasising the need in our society to give back, even if in small ways, giving her time and talent to many organizations including volunteering at animal shelters, performing benefit concerts and being an advocate for change.

One of her first big breaks was at the tender age of 8, was when she starred in the critically acclaimed feature film, “Olivia Rox” – a kids movie that she also wrote the soundtrack for. In the film, Olivia showed off her talent as a quadruple threat, (singing, acting, dancing and songwriting) At the same time as filming the movie, she got the chance to prove her true grit and passion for live performing, when in 2009 she landed the starring role of “Annie” at Boulder’s Dinner Theater (where Oscar nominee Amy Adams got her start). Olivia delivered 75 knock-out performances and the prestige of an Ovation Award Nomination by the critics for her acting and singing.

Shortly thereafter, Olivia and her family relocated to Los Angeles. Quickly garnering the attention of a prestigious Hollywood Agent, Olivia began her new life in LA. Landing many opportunities and honing her skills as an entertainer, she was also very passionate about her homeschooled education – skipping multiple grades and making her way into the Dean’s List Honor Roll. A few of her favorite things to do are learning different languages, studying the cultures of all the places she travels with her family and reading. She even graduated High School at 16 years old! Education is very important to Olivia, and she is currently going for her degree in business. She is also a big advocate for music in schools, and believes that the arts are crucial to our development.

At the age of 14, she was recruited by America’s Got Talent to audition for the show. She did so, and got a yes from all of the judges! That was just the start of her rollercoaster however, because when she turned 15, she got offered a record deal from Warner Brothers Records, of which they were excited that the album would be written entirely by Olivia herself. Months of negotiations later, the contract fell through due to a restructuring in the company. Disappointed, yet still unbreakable – Olivia decided to start documenting her journey, which is when Olivia and her family began filming her Youtube show, “Roxumentary”. In the show, fans watch as it follows Olivia’s life in a documentary series, filled with all of the unbelievable experiences Olivia lives on a daily basis… Shortly after starting her own show, Olivia got yet another call, this time from American Idol, asking if she wanted to audition. Elated because she grew up watching the show and it was the last season after all, Olivia of course said yes. After months of preliminary auditions, she made it to the filmed judges round, where Olivia got a golden ticket to Hollywood! Olivia continued to show her talent as she went all the way, throughout each round of the competition, gaining the hearts of America. She garnered such comments such as,

“Olivia Rox, Yes she does” – Keith Urban

“Little Mariah” and “I’ve been a fan” – Kelly Clarkson

“The show starts now!” – Harry Connick Jr.

“Extremely Talented” – Jennifer Lopez

Olivia even captured the attention of the press, with many pegging her as the winner only after Hollywood week. She made it into the infamous Top 10, and finally landed her spot in the top 6 girls!

After the show, Olivia’s hometown of Agoura Hills threw her a welcome home event, and she performed many local sold out shows. Shortly after the celebration in California, she embarked on an international tour of which she recently returned home from, going across the US, Europe, Korea, and China.

Throughout 21 year old Olivia’s already long career, she has managed to stay true to herself and her unique outlook on pop music. After many guest appearances with her Dad in front of thousands, and “learning the ropes” from some of the best in the business, Olivia has already learned what it takes to be an entertainer. But Olivia believes in staying grounded as a person too, with a strong dedication to her family, animals, giving back, and her absolute love of music. Since performing numerous concerts, Olivia has truly come into her own as a dynamic vocalist, songwriter and performer. Her musical abilities continue to expand, with her prodigy songwriting, singing, piano, guitar and ukulele. Currently, Olivia is in the studio recording her first album, set to premiere this summer! Stay tuned for more in Olivia’s adventure, or watch it unfold in real time on her “Roxumentary”…