Shooting Star - single

Shooting Star - single

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Olivia Rox is back with her 3rd pop single Shooting Star. Following the success of her debut single “It Girl”, which flew up the charts to ultimately land at #49 on the Top 40 charts, and also Top 40 single, her cleverly written song Galileo

This fresh sounding song will get you dancing, with it’s four-on-the-floor, butt-thumping beat, It really is pure, joyous dance floor pop. It’s empowering message “You can’t Stop me I’m a Shooting Star” makes you feel like you can get through anything and come out on the other side shiny and new! Olivia continues the positive theme of the album Poprox in this new single. It’s something that is sure to make your day a little brighter, even through these solemn times in the world. Rox’s line in the song, “If I can dream it, then you’ll see me try. There’s not a person in the world who’ll make me stop doing what I love to do.” Proves that even though circumstances around you may bring you down, you should never give up on your dreams and passions. “Shooting Star” Is Olivia’s statement to say although we’re living through extraordinary times - keep dreaming, keep creating and keep going. Don’t let anyone, or anything, stop you from being who you want to be. 

The music video was beautifully shot in London on the Millennium Bridge. Olivia looking all grown up alluring and sexy, since her time on Idol when she was only 16. Now 21, she shows her flirty, fashionista, fun side with legs a mile long, in a romper with sparkly stars on it, something that you would see Beyonce wearing on stage.
Via Olivia Rox feature in Amnpnify Magazine Australia:

Vicky Hebbs: You just released the latest single “Shooting Star” off your debut album 'POPROX'. Can you share the inspiration behind the single?

Olivia Rox: “Shooting Star” is a song I wrote about going for your dreams against all odds. I wrote it during a time when it felt like the entire world was against me, and I had some soul searching to do about my career, which ultimately made me take matters into my own hands and just be myself, not what other people wanted me to be. Writing this song truly helped me to push through my defeat and say to myself that nothing can stop me or sway me in my path, because I already know who I am  - and who I am is a musician. Which can be felt in my lyrics, “Even if you try and slow me down, you know that it won’t stop me now, cuz I already know just who I am”. It’s truly an anthem for anyone needing that little boost of inspiration to get them through the day. I hope you will sing it loud, “You can’t stop me, I’m a Shooting Star!”.