Olivia Rox Bio


Olivia Rox who is she? You may have seen her name on Times Square billboards, or heard her songs on the radio, You’ve probably seen her becoming a household name on TV with her pink hair, fashion-forward look and dynamic performances and lovable persona which caused a stir. To break it down, Olivia Rox is on the precipice of being the next big thing. She will not be the one to tell you that, because she is down to earth, humble and kind. But, her talent says otherwise. She can belt out a song that rivals the divas, yes - whistle tone included. She writes all of her own music, even being asked constantly to write for other artists, and has been likened to Carole King in her writing sensibilities. She plays multiple instruments and has traveled all over the world doing music since she was a child. As an actress, her acting is so natural and convincing you would not know she was acting. She’s an entrepreneur and she’s surrounded by celebrity everyday with her musical family and friends, and this orbit is normal fare for her. But, in the end none of this matters to Rox, she only wants to save every animal on the planet, oh, and the planet itself. Her ultimate dream is to have an animal sanctuary that also helps children in need, stay tuned. At 24 years old, she’s an old soul, with a lot to say. Even writing a sci-fi novel, adding novelist to her repertoire, during the pandemic with the first installment of her own sci-fi trilogy to be released in the summer of 2024. No, this is not a typical bio that you would normally read, but Olivia is not a typical girl. This is a girl who, when she heard that her peers were not voting in the last presidential election, stood up to this cause in a non-partisan way. She began this plight by writing a rocking bad-ass song called “Go Vote” which made her peers actually listen, resulting in one of the highest youth voter turnouts in 30 years - which incidentally, helped to sign up over 400,000 young voters to get to the polls and use their voices. Making huge waves in the 2020 presidential election, Olivia was also an ambassador for HeadCount / Global Citizen, and worked alongside Spread The Vote, and The Grammy Foundation. She’s definitely a role model with her positive spin on life, in the times when it’s not always hip to be one. She also defy’s the current state of music by using real players. Remember the days of real live musicians? Well, Olivia embraces the pure musicality that is often lost in today’s programmed, auto-tuned world. Olivia was obviously honing her “ears” while growing up in the discerning world of jazz, and then for all the world to see by landing as a finalist on Season 15 of American Idol, which garnered her much attention and earned her fans internationally.

She then burst onto the music scene with her stellar debut pop album Poprox, producing five singles all landing in the top 40 radio coveted spots. This powerful full-length album is 100% written by Rox. She then buzzed to the forefront of the conversation and pivoted during the lockdown with her own show in Jimmy Fallon style, aptly named “The Olivia Rox Show” gaining 1 million viewers per episode on Facebook Watch, all this without any promotion whatsoever.

Her wildly popular, original Christmas single “It’s Christmastime” has topped the pop charts the past two years and is becoming a holiday staple song. With so many requests to make a full-length album, voila she delivers “An Olivia Rox Christmas” which melds her original songs with a very unique twist on some of the classics - A must have for every Christmas household this year.
And, be sure not to miss “An Olivia Rox Christmas Special” airing on Comcast/ XFinity watch in the comfort of your own home On Demand, a true taste of Christmas, with many special guests for the family, during the holiday season of 2022.
Olivia is excited to bring you her own curated music festival ROXFEST - which takes place in Cancun, Mexico at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. Her first event out of the gate was a huge success, wildly popular and sold out October, 2022.

Rox has also been in the studio writing and recording her next album “Lovestruck” to be released 2024. This album is absolutely everything. One for the playlist for sure. Feat. an all-star band including Jonny Goood (Lady Gaga), Gregg Bissonette (Ringo Starr, David Lee Roth), Matt Bissonette (Elton John), James Harrah (Madonna, Herbie Hancock), CJ Vanston (Prince, Joe Cocker, Tina Turner), Dennis Hamm (Thunder Cat), and mixed by Multi-Grammy award winner Mick Guzauski. Yes real musicians :-) which brings real music.