Olivia Rox - Go Vote


Do you want to be featured in Olivia Rox's next music video "Go Vote"? Simply upload your video now for consideration using the link below! *Submissions end Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020! Feel free to share this link or even your video, online to get your friends and family involved too - share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, ETC!! (If you do share, tag us in your post! #Oliviarox)

Instructions for filming:

What you'll be doing... Film yourself enthusiastically saying "Go Vote" into your phone's camera either horizontally or vertically. You can hold it yourself like a selfie, have someone hold it for you, or even set it up on a tripod. Just please make sure we can see your face and that you are well lit! The higher quality your video is, the more chance your video clip will be chosen to be included!!



Do's and Don'ts for your video:

  • Do - Wear patriotic clothing, buttons, accessories, American flags, things celebrating the USA, red/white/blue colors, hold up a sign that says "GO VOTE!", etc.
  • Don't - Wear or use any brand logos or political leaning items that show who you support in the election. Since this music video is just about voting and not who to vote for, we want to keep it neutral. Tip* You can use duct tape to cover any logos on clothing!
  • Do - Get your friends, family, neighbors, kids, and pets in the video with you and make it a fun thing to do together!
  • Don't - Film or submit anyone in your video without getting their approval!
  • Do - Get creative with your background and video location - (in your house, go outside, in front of a lake, on the hood of your car, in front of a flag, etc!)
  • Don't - Use any locations that you don't have permission to use - and please be safe/follow local regulations while filming!
  • Do - Say "Go Vote" multiple times if you want to. This may be useful if you have multiple people in your video!
  • Don't - Rush your video. Give it a few seconds before and after you say "Go Vote" before you turn off your camera or say anything else! This ensures that the timing will be right and we can use your footage.
  • Do - HAVE FUN :-)
  • And finally - most importantly - Don't forget to GO VOTE on November 3rd!! ;-)


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