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Welcome to the Season 2 Premiere of “The Olivia Rox Show - The Summer Sessions” Featuring Special Guest, Pop/country boy band, On The Outside!

On the Outside (OTO) is the hottest new boy band in music, with its mega talented 5 band mates, Andrew Bloom, Dawson Huckabee, Devin Hayes, Jon Klaasen and Sam

Jenkins. Los Angeles based, their passionate fans (also known as the “Outsiders”) have fueled the mania of this new independent band across social media, having received over 2 billion views after just over one year of officially forming the band.

Highlights in today’s episode include; On The Outside interview & exclusive acoustic performance of their hit single “Why Me”, Rapid Fire Questions with OTO, Olivia Rox X OTO perform together, Olivia Rox exclusive behind the scenes look at her POPROX tour, Olivia Rox live performance and much more!

After the remarkable response from Olivia Rox fans after season 1 of “The Olivia Rox Show - Live From My Living Room - The QuaranTUNE Sessions”, Olivia Rox is back with a new limited season just over a month following her last episode! Originally started as a way to entertain her 1.7+ million Facebook fans during the initial quarantine, the show instantly became a smash hit.

Season 2, "The Summer Sessions", is immediately following Olivia Rox’s newest musical releases; Acoustic album, “Just A Girl & Her Guitar” that dropped July 31st and her newest pop single (from debut album POPROX) debuting at radio, “Shooting Star” (Which is already #68* on the Pop Top 40 Charts after just a few weeks!)

A note from Olivia:

Thank you to my incredible Roxstars for your love & support of my music and new show!! I’m so happy to get to share this new limited season with you!! I so appreciate you!! Xoxoxo

I hope you enjoy this episode with special guest OTO! And join me in the comments below for a live Q&A throughout the premiere!

Love, Olivia