The Olivia Rox Show - World Health Day Special



Welcome to the World Health Day Special of "The Olivia Rox Show", Featuring special guest 4x Olympian Dr. Terry Schroeder!
This world health day, take the time to assess your lifestyle and improve your overall health as a whole; from your mind, body and soul. During the past year, a lot of us have slowed down and become a lot more sedentary, sitting through zoom calls and hunkering down in our homes. So as we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, this is the perfect opportunity to get active, and start forming better, healthy habits! We will be talking about some simple ways to improve your lifestyle, but all in all, I think staying positive, loving your body no matter what phase of your life you’re in, eating clean and keeping as active as you can, is the well rounded approach to mastering your health.
What are some of your favorite health tips? Let's chat about them in the Q&A below! 💖😉
Special Guest Dr. Terry Schroeder is a four-time U.S. Olympic water polo player and 2x silver medalist as a player. He is also the nude torso of the “perfect male specimen” of the Olympic athlete in bronze outside of the Los Angeles Coliseum, by sculptor Robert Graham. Dr. Schroeder was the head coach of the Olympic Team USA in 2008 & 2012, and is now the head water polo coach at Pepperdine, where he is regarded as one of the best water polo coaches in the world. We will be talking about Dr. Schroeder's experiences in the Olympics, and he will be sharing his top 5 health tips for World Health Day!
I will also be performing 2 original songs with my band, “Princess” and Top 40 radio hit, “Shooting Star”, both from my debut album, POPROX. Thanks to my amazing band, Jay, Dylan, Ben and Sandy! 😍🎶
Love, Olivia Rox